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Gods of Titan (GoT)

by Eberhard Eschwe, Swen Harder, Moritz Schnarr, Dirk Reubold, Christian Cibura


  • a bigger masterboard organized in three main-areas of Jungle, Desert and Swamp.
  • the game is designed for 3 or 4 players. the 4th player will control the Darklord, a special kind of "Evil"-Titan.
  • movement on masterboard is missing a roll of a die and as a result it is much more strategic.
  • 64 different types of characters (instead of 24 in the original), including seacreatures and darkcreatures, like Demons.
  • three new groups of characters: "Humans", "Elementals" and "Masters".
  • 11 new types of battlefields, like Valley, Highlands, Ruin, Darkland and Coast.
  • new character abilities, like magic (spells during combat) and blessing (strengthen of the legion).
  • trades and agreements are much more important.

Many thanks to Swen Harder for sending me all these things.

I took this photo on the "Karlsruher Spieletage", Germany at 15th November 2003:

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