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Mytho TITAN - introduction

copyright 1991, Jim Musser. 
This is a copy. You'll find the original page here: Karl Musser's Homepage.

These variants include two new rules, a bunch of new creatures, and the Mytho-Titan rules. You can use the new creatures or the Mytho-Titan rules separately, but we've only tested them together. These variants offer players a wider variety of strategies to try. They have a tendency to prolong games because it is easier for players to come back after they've fallen behind. The rules were made with the intention of making 2-player Titan games more interesting, but work with up to six players. The two new rules apply to both variants.

The main new rule is that a 6 is no longer an automatic hit. For creatures three or more skill factors below their target, they rust reroll all 6s to determine which ones hit. A creature 3 kill factors below its target must roll a 4 or more on the reroll to achieve a hit. Thus a 6-1 creature trying to hit a 4-4 creature would still roll 6 dice, scoring two 6s for instance. On the reroll of those two dice, it rolls a 2 and a 5, translating to one hit. A creature 4 skill factors below its target must roll a 5 or more on the reroll to score a hit. A creature 6 or more skill factors below its target must roll a 6 on the reroll to score a hit. We also recommend using a house rule that a 1 is an automatic miss.

The other new rule addresses what to do with creatures that withdraw from a battle. Some of the new creatures introduced herein force opposing creatures to withdraw from a battle. Withdrawn creatures rejoin their legion after the battle, if their legion survives. If the legion does not survive, withdrawn creatures return to the recruit pool. If a Titan is forced to withdraw and his legion is destroyed, that player is eliminated from the game, with the opposing player getting points only for what he killed, receiving no ½ points. The losing player retains his army and fights any remaining battles. At the end of the current player's turn the armies of the eliminated player are removed from the game. The winning player does not get the losers legion counters.

Terminology: A "creature" is any Titan-sized counter except lords and demilords. For purposes of this definition, heroes, monsters, and small counters from Mytho-Titan are not considered to be "creatures." Any piece or description marked with a ^ indicates a magical ability or characteristic that can by canceled by the hit of a Sorcerer. Several pieces have "magical rangestrike" ability. These pieces rangestrike as if they were warlocks. The warlock's rangestrike is also considered "magical." A * indicates flying ability. A ~ indicates rangestrike ability. Factors are given as power factor-skill factor.



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