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Super Titan Variant

06.06.2008 16:37 Entry in my guestbook:

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Daniel U. Thibault,  http://www.bigfoot.com/~D.U.Thibault


Izzy Gambliel's Super-Titan is obviously *not* the same game at all as the expansion produced by myself and Benoît Russo (a.k.a. Productions Boréalis). Ours consists of just the new creatures plus rules to integrate them: no changes to the board.
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Izzy Gambliel wrote me a mail and I'm just copy-and-paste(ing) that down:

Hey there!

I was looking over your Titan website and found that you had an entry for Supertitan, albiet a small one. I have played this variant quite a number of times and know the person who designed the first (and only) set of it. However, it's been a few years since I've played it, so all these details I'm giving you are based off of memory.

Some of the key elements are as follows:

The board is entirely new. It is set up almost identical to the base titan board, except it is extended to accomodate 8 towers in a circle, instead of 6. The extra spaces are filled with two new terrain types, Graveyards and another I cannot remember.

Each player starts with the same creatures, plus 2 Ghosts. Those go with the new recruiting line associated with Graveyards.

That recruiting line was patterned after the garg-cyc-gorg-beamer-serpent line of recruits.

Ghost 6-2 flyer (garg)
Witch 5-3 flyer (cyc)
Skeleton 7-3 ranged (gorg)
Mummy 11-2 (beamer)
Demon 11-3 range (serp) - I'm not sure on that one. I cannot remember for sure.

In each of the corners of the board, there is an additional hook of four terrains coming out from the outer track. They are connected by "u" movement connectors, so you have to be on the right space to zoom down in it. In those tracks, you can recruit creatures from the human line. The base to get any of the humans was to have 2 gorgons, rangers or unicorns. After that, it was 2 of the base ones to get a second level human, and 3 of those to get the top human. A couple of them had a special new symbol to mark a polestrike ability. This ability allowed you to do a half dice strike along a hex spine, at a target 2 hexes away. This could also strike between two creatures or obstacles, so it was pretty useful.

Last, the game had a single square in the middle of the board, Olympus. TO get to it, you had to be in the upper track and needed to roll a 1. When you got up there, you could recruit one of the Greek gods if you had 2 colossus, serpents, demons or hydras. The god you got was pretty potent, but was randomly chosen. The only one I can remember off the top of my head was Hermes (10-5 flyer).

Last, contrary to what your webpage says, the Warlock is unchanged.

I'll see if I can get ahold of the game creator (Evil Dan, from the Seattle area in the USA). I'd like to see his version put into Colossus.




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