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Comsic Encounter Titan

I have not read the rules of Comsic Encounter Titan yet. So I just provide you the link:

The MIT ruleset (after passing through several authors) is now in my hands. I will put it after this intro, and also have it on my web page at http://web.mit.edu/~dfinberg/www/titan.html (Broken link! You will also find this document under http://scv.bu.edu/~aarondf/sgs/cetitan.txt). Eventually it will make it to the MIT-SGS homepage.

Comsic Encounter Titan (in the MIT version) is horribly unbalanced. The best method to deal with this is the auction method listed in the intro. Still, it provides a bit of fun, and is worth playing occasionally. Many thanks to Bo-Yin Yang who was the person who did most of the creation for the MIT version, though his may have been derivative of others. -Dave Finberg, dfinberg@math.mit.edu

You can download the file:

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