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Mon, December 4, 2023
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Chee-Wai , cheewai.kan@gmail.com

My guestbook/messageboard with spam protection is back online again!

Thu, July 8, 2021
Still dreaming of playing...
Russ , russ1976@aol.com

Thanks for keeping site up. I still hope one day to again play the variants we played back when we used a first edition copy- and ruined many a counter.

Mon, January 13, 2020
Kris , kris.vezner@gmail.com

Love the game, it's never been imitated or beaten.

Tue, September 17, 2019
colossus/titan games daily
dan strock , danstrock@gmail.com

there are a dozen or so regulars playing titan on the colossus java website. Come and join us!

Sat, January 14, 2017
game development inspired by Titan
Bob Grove , game@genioso.com

looking back through my original Titan game/rules and also Gods of Titan ... I've been playing since 1984 and really appreciate all that you, the original and variant gamedevs have done! Anyone interested in collaborating on what could be described as a character-based game that is simpler than the original Titan, no movement roll, with similar dynamics to chess and stratego ... please be in touch. Sad to see that the only recent posts have been spammers :(

Comment:30.01.2017 14:36 Deleted the spam...

Fri, March 27, 2015
Correcting my web page address
Daniel U. Thibault , d.u.thibault@bigfoot.com

Hi Cheewai! Just thought you should know my web address has been using .net instead of .com for a long time now. Please update your links.

Sun, February 5, 2012
Awesome site for and Awesome game!
Michael Petroziello , atklonewolf@yahoo.com

This is a great game. Are there any pictures for a board and creatures for the Mythos Titan? I would love to print it out and try it. Also, is there any new news on the Gods of Titan yet? I'm really excited to try that too.

Fri, September 16, 2011
just appreciation
Geoff , ghogan@btinternet.com

struggled with he new version until I worked out how to get it onto one page. Now playing it constantly (again) been Titan fan since 1983, and remember reading about it in Dragon Magazine. Think abyss and undead work well - the other ones have too many one off areas - and I like the sense of sequence and planning - maybe they'll grow on me Brilliant work though THANKS again

Tue, April 20, 2010
All time favorite
Val Hemedes

thanks to all the people who continue to develop this game and keep it alive. cheers to all titan players!

Wed, September 16, 2009
Clemens Katzer , cleka the magic sign users dot sourceforge dot net

Hi there, I case you didn't notice, we've done a new release (plus some bugfix releases ;-) recently. Over the last years, new features and variants have been added. Have you taken a look recently? Besides, nowadays I am the "main" maintainer of Colossus. BTW, how did your guestbook guess that I am German and presents me the picture buttons "Speichern" and "Zurücksetzen" in my mother language? ;-)) Greetings from Finland! -Clemens

Comment:I fixed it…

Sun, April 12, 2009
game advice
Bill Reynolds , billr7667@gmail.com

Hi. Great site! I have a question for some of the more experienced players. I used to play this game all the time in the early 90's with my friends. I never was any good but lately I've been trying to improve playing colossus. I'm wondering what the prevailing thought is about recruiting the first Gorgon vs. getting a third Cyclops. I've been having good success vs. the computer getting my third cyclops first. I know gorgons and rangers are very important but I think there are few (none?) situations where you would win if your stack had one more gorgon instead of one more cyclops (at least not a battle between important stacks) and being forced to take a cyclops on one of those rare Jungle rolls instead of getting the Behemoth and later forced to take a Behemoth instead of a Serpent outweighs the small disadvantage of having one less gorgon than one could have had. am I thinking about this the right way? Thanks.

Mon, December 29, 2008
great game
Brent McD.

Titan is probably my favorite boardgame. I've been playing since the early 1990s. If you want to play online, go to ACTS from Warhorse Simulations. A good group of gamers, and there are always open games looking for players.

Comment:30.01.2017 14:40: I like to play it at ACTS during my student time... long time ago... I loved it when nobody else in the real word had time to play

Sat, December 6, 2008
Scott Hamlin , duckie_dale_2000@yahoo.com

I've always love Titan; started playing in the 70s! I still have my original set and try to recruit new players. Looking forward to the web client getting fully operational!

Sun, November 30, 2008
great fan site about great game!
martin koppenhöfer , mk@koppenhoefer.com

My favorite game is presented quite nice on your homepage. Best wishes! Martin

Fri, June 6, 2008
Daniel U. Thibault , d.u.thibault@bigfoot.com

Izzy Gambliel's Super-Titan is obviously *not* the same game at all as the expansion produced by myself and Benoît Russo (a.k.a. Productions Boréalis). Ours consists of just the new creatures plus rules to integrate them: no changes to the board.

Fri, October 24, 2003
Jørn Aspli , jaaspli@online.no

TITAN TOURNAMENT IN TRONDHEIM - NORWAY 7 november 2003 18:00 as part of the annual convention Hexcon. Anyone who wish to enter is welcome. I will e-mail you the result of the tournament. JB

Mon, September 1, 2003
lucky , lucky3@hotmail.com

Great website - very interesting and informative. I really enjoyed visiting. Keep up the good work.

Sat, August 9, 2003
Max , emaxbiz@yahoo.com

i did not know Titan could be played online or via email. been a long time since i played a good game.

Fri, December 27, 2002
Playing via ICQ on newnet
Jacapo , drop_box2003@yahoo.com

Hi again...just noticed that your software page says that colosuss client/server is not working yet. I have been playing recently with no problems using the latest colossus release. Details for the sever and channel can be found on the colossus home page. So all you diehards come on out and play ;) See you there. (sorry for the long message...I could not get the forum page to accept a post)

Fri, December 27, 2002
Playing Colossus via ICQ on NewNet

Hi there; first thanks for a great site :) Any Ideas how to get more people turned on to playing Colossus via ICQ on newnet?

Wed, December 11, 2002
tordek25860 , tordek25860@yahoo.com

After much chagrin, I must attest that my search of the world wide web has produced nill in the way of finding a copy of Titan. I started playing the game over ten years ago, and have worn out two sets since then. I am still amused by the time we were looking at one of the creature tiles then turned it over, then over again, and again, and again before finally realizing that it was a cyclops. Ahh, those were the days.... Anyhoo, I bought my last copy from nobleknight.com for $65.00, I know amazing right, and when I went back a few months later they had a copy for sale for over $200.00! I was outraged! If anyone cane help me in my quest to keep playing the best damn boardgame int the known universe, let me know. I have played the "collossus" game. Nice, but the AI does some stupid things, like not separating the green on the inital split. Thank you for your time.

Tue, November 12, 2002
Cool game
Joe Canadian

I only played it for the first time a couple weeks ago. Now me and two of my friends play regularly. Awesome game. I play against the computer too, and the other guys are gonna download it soon. I can't believe someone programmed this game! Kudos to you, man. Kickass game. Ciao

Thu, November 7, 2002
kick ass
nathan williams , nawilliams44@yahoo.com

man i didn't know anyone else knew about the sweetest game ever made, your site kicks ass keep it up

Fri, September 6, 2002
Toby Woolfitt , tabiaswoolfitt@ntlworld.com

Just a big hello to all the other Titan players from around the world. The best board game ever (after Chess, of course...)? I think so. And Colossus - absolutely fantastic.

Fri, August 30, 2002
Hey All
Arnold Patrick , patricka@conchovalleycscd.com

I am a long time Titan player. Just discovered Colossus and am loving it. Send me a mail and we can play!

Tue, August 13, 2002
Greetings and Variant
Stefan , hollowaysr@pgdp.usec.com

Great resource, great game. Anyone know where to get new copies, my old one is pushing 25 yrs and is about warn out. Here is a simple variant we used to play: Use two boards connected by the towers, think of the boards as 'stacked'. The towers exist on both planes simultaneously and a legion in a tower can exit into either plane. This can make for some long games, some like those, some don't... This should work with pretty much any other variant...

Mon, August 12, 2002
help out

People! The Titan game, Colussus, is an open-source project. That means, you can help! Go to the site, find out what is going on, and contribute. Play the game, send bug reports, learn java, whatever. It's all about the community and the commitment.

Sat, July 20, 2002
Stephan , http://www.stephan-best.de/

great site about my favorite game!WOW! ll recommend it highly to my friends n promise to come back ;) Stephan

Wed, June 19, 2002
great site!
justus , aaarg_ink@yahoo.com

killer site, very well designed and contains a ton of info for a minimum of clicks...helps that I like the clean look of it all. Justus

Sat, June 8, 2002
Always wanted computer version of Titan!
Stephen Taylor , steve050@aol.com

It's great that you've made a computer version of Titan. one of the great games. I will download it shortly. Another game I thought would make a great computer game is Stellar Conquest, another old Avalon Hill game. Thank you for your effort, Steve

Comment:Hello Stephan, thanks, but that's not true. David Ripton is developing the software Colossus. Kind regards, cheewai

Sun, April 28, 2002
I hope to bugger this works...
SirNi , intrigleeman@hotmail.com

I figured Titan'd make a _perfect_ computer game - and it is! Supposedly. I'm paranoid; lotsa freewarez tend to not work. I hope this does. Oh do I..

Wed, March 20, 2002
Variant rules question
Martin Brodén , borderline@telia.com

Very nice page! I have a question, though. I dont get the higher elevation hex next to the actual fortification on the Fort Battleland. It just doesn't seem to do any good. Without a slope, I havent found any rule that says that higher elevation block rangestriking. The one case which would be interesting, a rangestrike between the hex in question and the northen hill (because any creature between them would not block rangestriking), is effectively blocked because the tree is in the way. It may have been something I missed, but I dont see what.

Thu, February 28, 2002
Ren Blackburn , RenShan@worldnet.att.net

Dear sir, I am a great fan of the titan game, in fact i found a new copy of the board game about a year ago at a store here in salt lake called game keeper. they had about 12 copies of the game. my old copy is a bit worn but still fully functional. Anyway, I am very excited about this game "colossus". do you know if the designers are going to develop this into a full-fledged product? if you have any sway with them please strongly encourage them to do so. I love this game!!!!

Mon, February 18, 2002
Titan is sweet...
Paul Orr , orr_paul@hotmail.com

I found the game (stumbled over it, actually). Now I'll never get any work done!

Sat, February 2, 2002
Darrell , darrell@darrellporter.net

Another Titan addict!

Fri, January 25, 2002
good lookin'
Swen Harder , titan@immortal.de

Nice and clean titan page! Hopefully you'll stay focused in playing the game. when you're interested in my variant please let me now. I would be proud to see it in the variant-section of your homepage. good luck and may be the mulligan not a "5" ;)

Comment:As I mailed you: I just waiting for your mail! ;o) I think a "5" is much better than a "2"...

Fri, January 25, 2002
Ralf Girgsdies

Hi Chee Wai, i think it was time to see a good titan webpage. There are not enough of them, and there are even less of good quality. As far as i could see your website seems to be the best for the moment. So good luck with it. I hope you'll get a lot of hits. greetings from germany

Comment:Thanks ;)

Sun, December 23, 2001
the first entry...
cheewai , cheewai.kan@provider24.biz

... from the webmaster. My TITAN fan page is now open! greetings from germany

Comment:11th feb 2008: 6 years 1 month and 19 days ago this side was born. And I'm happy to re-open it with a new interface and design last weekend. Let see what happen...

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