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New Battlelands for TITAN

For use with Titan, the boardgame by The Avalon Hill Game Company.

10 new battlelands for TITAN:
Waterhole, Town, Fort, Marsh, Brush, Woods, Dessert, Swamp, Jungle and Tundra

Description (full description included in the zip-file):

THE BADLANDS by Bill Scott and Gerald Lientz

  For certain Battlelands, upon a battle occurring in each terrain type, a single die roll will determine which card is used. The defending player, before setting up his pieces, rolls a single die. On a roll of "1-3", the new board is substituted for the original.

  The most distinctive difference will come in the play when a battle occurs in the Plains. It has always seemed strange to us that the plains of TITAN are so uniformly featureless. Hence, we've crafted three new boards.
These three new Plains Battlelands contain one new type of Hazard, the Lake. Add the following to your Hazard Chart:

  EFFECT ON MOVEMENT: Entry forbidden to all non-flying characters. A flying character cannot end his movement on a Lake hex.




As there are no plans to produce a variant kit for the game, full permission is given by the authors and The Avalon Hill Game Company to photocopy (for personal use only) the following TITAN variant batteboards.
Those readers interested in learning more about crafting variant battleboards for TITAN may wish to contact Mr. Scott at 2317 Barracks Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901

You can download the zip-file in two different version:

Rules info and all maps are in .PDF format. The maps are in color!

2. )
Rules info is in .PDF format and all maps are black and white (very clean images).
You can print them with your favorite graphics viewing program.


  • You can play this version with Colossus!



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