Six new Battlelands variants

copyright Tor Gjerde. This is a copy. You'll find the origninal page here:  Tor Gjerde's Homepage.

I have made some variant boards with approximately the same amount and evenness of distribution of hazards as in the original battlelands. To avoid forcing either the defender or the attacker to set up in a very awkward way - or even leave out characters - I have generally made it possible to enter at least five non-flying non-native creatures with skill (movement) of 2 from any side.

In order to make it possible to make variations to plains, which normally does not have any hazards, I have introduced rivers which may be placed between adjacent hexes in plains and woods. Non-flying, non-native characters are slowed when crossing a river. Creatures that can be mustered in plains or woods (centaurs, lions, rangers, warbears and unicorns) are native to rivers.

Set II, complete (playtested)

Set III, 5 boards (playtested)

Concept I, complete (playtested)

Concept II, complete (not playtested)

Concept III, complete (not playtested)

Wild, 3 boards (not playtested)

Any feedback would be appreciated. Don't be afraid to complain about boards that have weaknesses, as this show that you have actually tried them -- which is the best form of praise for a game designer.

The files are made with the UNIX vector drawing program xfig. If you are interested in making your own designs with this or a compatible program, drop me a line and I'll mail you my template files.

Preview of Set II







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