Copyright 2001 David Ripton

Colossus is a Java clone of Avalon Hill's Titan(tm) boardgame. Right now it allows hotseat play, play versus a working but not very strong AI, and (new) TCP/IP network play. We're mostly working on improving network play and variants right now. Improving the AI will follow.

This program is freeware, distributed under the GNU General Public License (local copy) This means that you have the right to make and distribute changes, as long as you always include the source code so that others can do the same. If you fix any bugs or add any features, please send us a copy so that we can fold them into the master code.

The latest version includes the following TITAN variants:
Abyssal, Extended Titan, TitanPlus, Badlands, Outlands, Undead, TG-Concept/-Set/-Wild

You'll find more information on the developer's website: http://colossus.sourceforge.net/



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