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TITAN - description

Drangon's breathe fire, Unicorns trample, and Warlocks conjure bolts of lightning. Giant Serpents slither and crush, Gargoyles shreih down from the sky with claws bared, and the mighty Colossus hefts a dripping battleaxe. Into the midst of this carnage step two powerful Titans for the climactic struggle. Only one can survive. Only one can be the winner of TITAN.

TITAN, a fantasy game for 2 to 6 players, is actually two games in one ... the first strategic and the second tactical. Players will move their Legions of characters around the strategic Masterboard racing to muster the largest and most powerful army. Depending on the characters already in the Legion and the terrain which it has entered, a new character can be added to the mustering Legion. When two Legions become engaged in the same land on the Masterboard, play is transferred to the respective Battleland where the Engagement is resolved in a tactical Battle. In Battle, the characters of the two Legions maneuver among any hazards of the terrain and strike to slay the members of the opposing Legion. Each strike is resolved by rolling dice, with certain numbers being hits. When a charater takes enough hits, it is slain and removed from the game. The more powerful characters generally take more hits, are harder to hit, and do more damage.

Each player is represented in play by a TITAN piece. As the game continues and Battles are won, victorious Titans achieve increased power, becoming more deadly and harder to slay, and slain, all of that player's forces are removed from the game. In order to win, a player must be the only Titan remaining, all of the others having been eliminated.

Each game of TITAN contains:

  • Mounted Mapboard
  • 11 Battlelands
  • 800+ Playing Pieces and Markers
  • 4 Dice
  • 1 Rulebook

Complexity Rating: 4 (10 being highest)

Playing Time: 2 to 12 hours



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