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37 - 19.01.2018 10:35

jamesolive jamesolive036(at)

Hi friends,
blogs and Articles on are too great and easy to undersatnd. They have all subject related blogs. Just have a look.

36 - 14.01.2017 22:21

Bob Grove game(at)

game development inspired by Titan

looking back through my original Titan game/rules and also Gods of Titan ... I've been playing since 1984 and really appreciate all that you, the original and variant gamedevs have done!

Anyone interested in collaborating on what could be described as a character-based game that is simpler than the original Titan, no movement roll, with similar dynamics to chess and stratego ... please be in touch.

Sad to see that the only recent posts have been spammers :(


30.01.2017 14:36 Deleted the spam...

35 - 27.03.2015 12:55

Daniel U. Thibault d.u.thibault(at)

Correcting my web page address

Hi Cheewai! Just thought you should know my web address has been using .net instead of .com for a long time now. Please update your links.

34 - 05.02.2012 16:43

Michael Petroziello atklonewolf(at)

Awesome site for and Awesome game!

This is a great game. Are there any pictures for a board and creatures for the Mythos Titan? I would love to print it out and try it. Also, is there any new news on the Gods of Titan yet? I'm really excited to try that too.

33 - 16.09.2011 22:11

Geoff ghogan(at)

just appreciation

struggled with he new version until I worked out how to get it onto one page.
Now playing it constantly (again) been Titan fan since 1983, and remember reading about it in Dragon Magazine.

Think abyss and undead work well - the other ones have too many one off areas - and I like the sense of sequence and planning - maybe they'll grow on me

Brilliant work though THANKS again

32 - 20.04.2010 14:58

Val Hemedes

All time favorite

thanks to all the people who continue to develop this game and keep it alive.
cheers to all titan players!

31 - 16.09.2009 20:53

Clemens Katzer cleka the magic sign users dot sourceforge dot net


Hi there,

I case you didn't notice, we've done a new release (plus some bugfix releases ;-) recently.

Over the last years, new features and variants have been added. Have you taken a look recently?

Besides, nowadays I am the "main" maintainer of Colossus.

BTW, how did your guestbook guess that I am German and presents me the picture buttons "Speichern" and "Zurücksetzen" in my mother language? ;-))

Greetings from Finland!


I fixed it…

30 - 14.08.2009 12:35


Guestbook should now work again

Sorry, I had a missconfiguration of the database.

29 - 12.04.2009 06:47

Bill Reynolds billr7667(at)

game advice

Hi. Great site!

I have a question for some of the more experienced players. I used to play this game all the time in the early 90's with my friends. I never was any good but lately I've been trying to improve playing colossus.

I'm wondering what the prevailing thought is about recruiting the first Gorgon vs. getting a third Cyclops.

I've been having good success vs. the computer getting my third cyclops first. I know gorgons and rangers are very important but I think there are few (none?) situations where you would win if your stack had one more gorgon instead of one more cyclops (at least not a battle between important stacks) and being forced to take a cyclops on one of those rare Jungle rolls instead of getting the Behemoth and later forced to take a Behemoth instead of a Serpent outweighs the small disadvantage of having one less gorgon than one could have had.

am I thinking about this the right way?


28 - 29.12.2008 19:06

Brent McD.

great game

Titan is probably my favorite boardgame. I've been playing since the early 1990s. If you want to play online, go to ACTS from Warhorse Simulations. A good group of gamers, and there are always open games looking for players.


30.01.2017 14:40: I like to play it at ACTS during my student time... long time ago... I loved it when nobody else in the real word had time to play

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