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   Titan HD for iPad

 Titan HD for iPad
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McK informed me in February, that "Titan HD" for iPad from Valley Games is available in the Apple App Store.

As I'm now owning a new iPad ;) I was able to test it a bit.

In the current version 1.1.1 you can compete against six different computer opponents.
The game really looks great (if you like the new design!), but the computer opponents are unfortunately not very intelligent... Don't misunderstood me! I like to win of course, but if you played a while and the computer ai put in his final fight his titan in front on the battle field you'll may ask yourself: Was it worth to play that match?

An online feature is announced (Coming Soon!) since I bought the game, but is not yet available after three month of waiting...

But everything else (e. g. artwork, sound, tutorial ...) is really nice!

Please find some screenshots here.

Find information on the official facebook webpage from Valley Games:

McK also wrote me the following:

Also Have you seen the iPad App of Titan? We are discussing it on Consim World.


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