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I found most of the information about TITAN on these pages:

  • Bruno's Titan Home Page (Updated 10th Feb 2008)
    Extensive information on the board game from Avalon Hill, including errata, character count, General article index, strategy, tournament schedules and results. (new link!)
  • David Ripton's Colossus Homepage
    Colossus is a great Java clone of TITAN
  • Jerry's Titan page (Updated 10th Feb 2008)
    On Jerry' Titan page you find more information about Colossus.
    You can also download:
    - Original "LAW OF TITAN" (Rules) Archive in PDF format
    - "Badlands" - Battelands and Rules Archive (outdated link!) (outdated link!)
  • BoardGameGeek
    #1 site for board games and with a lots of additional stuff for titan
  • Wimeran's Homepage (Updated 10th Feb 2008)
    He is the developer of the Masterboard Manager Software (outdated link?)
  • Tod's Home Page (Checked 10th Feb 2008)
    This site shows the token bitmaps for each of the Units found in Titan.
  • Daniel Thibault's Homepage (Checked 10th Feb 2008)
    He is the creator of the TITAN Battleland Construction Kit, which you can also download on this site.
  • Warhorse Simulations: Free Stuff (Checked 10th Feb 2008)
    6 Balrog counters, Ent description, TitanGM (.zip file) Fortran UNIX program for moderating PBEM Titan games.
  • Temple of Titan (Updated 13/01/2002) (Checked 10th Feb 2008)
    Play advice, GIFs of master board, and battle lands. (outdated link?)
  • Tor Gjerde's Titan Homepage (Checked 10th Feb 2008)
    More new Battlelands, interesting new Masterboard variants (outdated link?)

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