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The most information about TITAN, I found on this sites:

  • Bruno's Titan Home Page (Updated 10th Feb 2008)
    Extensive information on the board game from Avalon Hill, including errata, character count, General article index, strategy, tournament schedules and results. (outdated link?) (new link!)
  • David Ripton's Colossus Homepage
    Colossus is a great Java clone of TITAN
  • Jerry's Titan page (Updated 10th Feb 2008)
    On Jerry' Titan page you find more information about Colossus.
    You can also download:
    - Original "LAW OF TITAN" (Rules) Archive in PDF format
    - "Badlands" - Battelands and Rules Archive (outdated link!)
  • BoardGameGeek
    #1 site for board games and with a lots of additional stuff for titan
  • Wimeran's Homepage (Updated 10th Feb 2008)
    He is the developer of the Masterboard Manager Software (outdated link?)
     (missing new link)
  • Tod's Home Page (Checked 10th Feb 2008)
    This site shows the token bitmaps for each of the Units found in Titan.
  • Daniel Thibault's Homepage (Checked 10th Feb 2008)
    He is the creator of the TITAN Battleland Construction Kit, which you can also download on this site.
  • Warhorse Simulations: Free Stuff (Checked 10th Feb 2008)
    6 Balrog counters, Ent description, TitanGM (.zip file) Fortran UNIX program for moderating PBEM Titan games.
  • Temple of Titan (Updated 13/01/2002) (Checked 10th Feb 2008)
    Play advice, GIFs of master board, and battle lands. (outdated link?)
  • Tor Gjerde's Titan Homepage (Checked 10th Feb 2008)
    More new Battlelands, interesting new Masterboard variants

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