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Some variants for TITAN

Here you'll find all information about Titan variants I found in the Web or from other users.

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Some samples:

  • Balrog variant
    Every 300 points, place a Balrog in that player's home tower.
  • Ent variant
    Ents are mustered with 2 unicorns in the Woods and Hills.
  • Extended Titan
    New masterboard, recruiting table, more units...
  • "Double Titan" or "Son of Titan"
    A collection of some variants.
  • Super Titan
    At the moment I haven't enough information. All I head about this variant, is the following ... (Thanks to Daniel Thiboult!)
    It adds a fourth layer of recruitment to those lands that did not have it, extends the Warlock's magic and introduces a few more things such as a new demi-Lord, the Ghost...
    5th Dec 2003: Izzy Gambliel wrote me a mail about Super Titan
  • Mytho-Titan
    copyright 1991, Jim Musser
  • and a lot of more variants ... (see menue on the left side!)





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