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20th June 2012
It took a veeery long time, but finally all information about the variant "Gods of Titan" are now available here.

19th June 2012
McKinley informed me in February, that "Titan HD" for the iPad from Valley Games is available in the Apple App Store. Read more...

January 2009
A (provisionally) German translation of the new "LAW OF TITAN" is available!

December 2008
I received 4 of my 6 new TITAN games. The quality is not 100% perfect, but: If you love the old version, you'll love the new version too - For me: I love it, it's sooo gorgeous, sooo lovely! Many, many thanks to Valley Games!
You can order your TITAN box at:
 Valley Games

from 8th-10th February 2008re
- after six years: complete redesign of this page. 

3rd October 2007
 Valley Games is reprinting Titan, with new art!

Image from BoardGemeGeek

  Near-final box artwork from Valley Games reprint.



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