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17 - 12.11.2002 09:46

Joe Canadian

Cool game

I only played it for the first time a couple weeks ago. Now me and two of my friends play regularly. Awesome game. I play against the computer too, and the other guys are gonna download it soon. I can't believe someone programmed this game! Kudos to you, man. Kickass game. Ciao

16 - 07.11.2002 20:35

nathan williams nawilliams44(at)

kick ass

man i didn't know anyone else knew about the sweetest game ever made, your site kicks ass keep it up

15 - 06.09.2002 18:53

Toby Woolfitt tabiaswoolfitt(at)


Just a big hello to all the other Titan players from around the world. The best board game ever (after Chess, of course...)? I think so. And Colossus - absolutely fantastic.

14 - 30.08.2002 05:55

Arnold Patrick patricka(at)

Hey All

I am a long time Titan player. Just discovered Colossus and am loving it. Send me a mail and we can play!

13 - 13.08.2002 17:14

Stefan hollowaysr(at)

Greetings and Variant

Great resource, great game. Anyone know where to get new copies, my old one is pushing 25 yrs and is about warn out.

Here is a simple variant we used to play: Use two boards connected by the towers, think of the boards as 'stacked'. The towers exist on both planes simultaneously and a legion in a tower can exit into either plane. This can make for some long games, some like those, some don't... This should work with pretty much any other variant...

12 - 12.08.2002 07:47


help out

People! The Titan game, Colussus, is an open-source project. That means, you can help! Go to the site, find out what is going on, and contribute. Play the game, send bug reports, learn java, whatever. It's all about the community and the commitment.

11 - 20.07.2002 00:12



great site about my favorite game!WOW!
ll recommend it highly to my friends n promise to come back ;)


10 - 19.06.2002 16:46

justus aaarg_ink(at)

great site!

killer site, very well designed and contains a ton of info for a minimum of clicks...helps that I like the clean look of it all.


9 - 08.06.2002 22:24

Stephen Taylor steve050(at)

Always wanted computer version of Titan!

It's great that you've made a computer version of Titan. one of the great games. I will download it shortly.

Another game I thought would make a great computer game is Stellar Conquest, another old Avalon Hill game.

Thank you for your effort,


Hello Stephan,

thanks, but that's not true.
David Ripton is developing the software Colossus.

Kind regards,

8 - 28.04.2002 08:15

SirNi intrigleeman(at)

I hope to bugger this works...

I figured Titan'd make a _perfect_ computer game - and it is! Supposedly. I'm paranoid; lotsa freewarez tend to not work.

I hope this does. Oh do I..

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