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29 - 12.04.2009 06:47

Bill Reynolds billr7667(at)

game advice

Hi. Great site!

I have a question for some of the more experienced players. I used to play this game all the time in the early 90's with my friends. I never was any good but lately I've been trying to improve playing colossus.

I'm wondering what the prevailing thought is about recruiting the first Gorgon vs. getting a third Cyclops.

I've been having good success vs. the computer getting my third cyclops first. I know gorgons and rangers are very important but I think there are few (none?) situations where you would win if your stack had one more gorgon instead of one more cyclops (at least not a battle between important stacks) and being forced to take a cyclops on one of those rare Jungle rolls instead of getting the Behemoth and later forced to take a Behemoth instead of a Serpent outweighs the small disadvantage of having one less gorgon than one could have had.

am I thinking about this the right way?


28 - 29.12.2008 19:06

Brent McD.

great game

Titan is probably my favorite boardgame. I've been playing since the early 1990s. If you want to play online, go to ACTS from Warhorse Simulations. A good group of gamers, and there are always open games looking for players.


30.01.2017 14:40: I like to play it at ACTS during my student time... long time ago... I loved it when nobody else in the real word had time to play

27 - 06.12.2008 17:02

Scott Hamlin duckie_dale_2000(at)


I've always love Titan; started playing in the 70s! I still have my original set and try to recruit new players. Looking forward to the web client getting fully operational!

26 - 30.11.2008 20:15

martin koppenhöfer mk(at)

great fan site about great game!

My favorite game is presented quite nice on your homepage. Best wishes!


25 - 06.06.2008 16:37

Daniel U. Thibault d.u.thibault(at)


Izzy Gambliel's Super-Titan is obviously *not* the same game at all as the expansion produced by myself and Benoît Russo (a.k.a. Productions Boréalis). Ours consists of just the new creatures plus rules to integrate them: no changes to the board.

24 - 24.10.2003 12:48

Jørn Aspli jaaspli(at)


as part of the annual convention Hexcon. Anyone who wish to enter is welcome. I will e-mail you the result of the tournament.


23 - 01.09.2003 23:25

lucky lucky3(at)


Great website - very interesting and informative. I really enjoyed visiting. Keep up the good work.

22 - 09.08.2003 20:37

Max emaxbiz(at)


i did not know Titan could be played online or via email. been a long time since i played a good game.

21 - 20.06.2003 14:47

Alexander Volland siehe(at)homepage

mal so

Halli hallo,
wollte mal wieder schauen, was Du so treibst. Gibts Dich denn noch?

20 - 27.12.2002 07:03

Jacapo drop_box2003(at)

Playing via ICQ on newnet

Hi again...just noticed that your software page says that colosuss client/server is not working yet. I have been playing recently with no problems using the latest colossus release. Details for the sever and channel can be found on the colossus home page. So all you diehards come on out and play ;) See you there.

(sorry for the long message...I could not get the forum page to accept a post)

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