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30 - 14.08.2009 12:35


Guestbook should now work again

Sorry, I had a missconfiguration of the database.

29 - 12.04.2009 06:47

Bill Reynolds billr7667(at)

game advice

Hi. Great site!

I have a question for some of the more experienced players. I used to play this game all the time in the early 90's with my friends. I never was any good but lately I've been trying to improve playing colossus.

I'm wondering what the prevailing thought is about recruiting the first Gorgon vs. getting a third Cyclops.

I've been having good success vs. the computer getting my third cyclops first. I know gorgons and rangers are very important but I think there are few (none?) situations where you would win if your stack had one more gorgon instead of one more cyclops (at least not a battle between important stacks) and being forced to take a cyclops on one of those rare Jungle rolls instead of getting the Behemoth and later forced to take a Behemoth instead of a Serpent outweighs the small disadvantage of having one less gorgon than one could have had.

am I thinking about this the right way?


28 - 29.12.2008 19:06

Brent McD.

great game

Titan is probably my favorite boardgame. I've been playing since the early 1990s. If you want to play online, go to ACTS from Warhorse Simulations. A good group of gamers, and there are always open games looking for players.


30.01.2017 14:40: I like to play it at ACTS during my student time... long time ago... I loved it when nobody else in the real word had time to play

27 - 06.12.2008 17:02

Scott Hamlin duckie_dale_2000(at)


I've always love Titan; started playing in the 70s! I still have my original set and try to recruit new players. Looking forward to the web client getting fully operational!

26 - 30.11.2008 20:15

martin koppenhöfer mk(at)

great fan site about great game!

My favorite game is presented quite nice on your homepage. Best wishes!


25 - 06.06.2008 16:37

Daniel U. Thibault d.u.thibault(at)


Izzy Gambliel's Super-Titan is obviously *not* the same game at all as the expansion produced by myself and Benoît Russo (a.k.a. Productions Boréalis). Ours consists of just the new creatures plus rules to integrate them: no changes to the board.

24 - 24.10.2003 12:48

Jørn Aspli jaaspli(at)


as part of the annual convention Hexcon. Anyone who wish to enter is welcome. I will e-mail you the result of the tournament.


23 - 01.09.2003 23:25

lucky lucky3(at)


Great website - very interesting and informative. I really enjoyed visiting. Keep up the good work.

22 - 09.08.2003 20:37

Max emaxbiz(at)


i did not know Titan could be played online or via email. been a long time since i played a good game.

21 - 20.06.2003 14:47

Alexander Volland siehe(at)homepage

mal so

Halli hallo,
wollte mal wieder schauen, was Du so treibst. Gibts Dich denn noch?

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