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If took the FAQs from Swen Harders webpage:

About the rules

Q: Why have you changed some of the original rules?
A: We’ve tried to keep the old rules untouched as far as possible, but some of them don’t harmonize with our new ideas.

Q: How many years have you spent developing Gods of Titan?
A: We started developing this variant in 1992.

Q: Is Gods of Titan finished?
A: By publishing this homepage we are at a point where we can say "yes". But if players find mistakes, come up with new ideas or make up better rules we may change it a little bit again. If that's the case we'll publish the new stuff on this homepage. So look at the News section frequently!

About the page

Q: Are all downloads of GoT for free?
A: Yes, you can download all the files on this page for free.

Q: Will this homepage be updated frequently?
A: Yes, we try to bring on new stuff at least once a month. Just keep an eye on the News section.

Q: How can I ask questions in the forum?
A: You must have an account to post stuff in the forum. Click on the "Signup" link on the right and get your account. The password is sent to you by mail.

About the making of the game equipment

Q: How much time does it take to make the counters?
A: It depends on your skills, but two experianced people will need about 8 hours to cut all pieces and the Masterboard.

Q: Which tools should I use to get the best results?
A: Of course you need a sharp knife with a thin blade (i.e. carpet knife, cutter) and a ruler of metal. For the best results we recommend using a cutting mat and having good lighting.

Q: What’s the best thickness of the gray board?
A: Use gray board with a thickness of 1,0mm (best) to 1,2mm for the counters and 3,0mm to 4,0mm for the Masterboard.

Q: What’s the best way to protect my ink-printed Masterboard?
A: We seal the Masterboard and the counters with single-sided adhesive foil.

Note: If you've got questions about Gods of Titan write me an email or write a message into the guestbook. I'll forward your question to Swen Harder.


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