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Mythology counter mix.

For those that can't find a copy of Mythology, the counters are listed below, with the factors already converted for use in Mytho-Titan. A middle factor, where given, is the number of dice used when rangestriking.

Heroes Name(s) Factor
Hercules 8-5
Media 0-7-5
Ajax, Augeis, Oileus, Peleus 6-5
Achilles, Actor, Aeneas, Atalanta, Autolycus, Bellerophon, Cepheus, Coronas, Eurytus, Iphitus, Odesseus, Perseus, Theseus 4-5
Calais, Castor, Euphemus, Euryalus, Hector, Idas, Jason, Laertes, Meleager, Orpheus, Periclymenus, Ploydeuce, Zetes 2-5

Monsters Name(s) Factor
Typhon 8-5*
Ladon 8-5
Medusa, Hesperides 0-10-5
Graiae 0-8-5
Sirens 0-7-5
Satyr 0-6-5
Anteus, Chimeara, Echidna, Hydra, Laelaps, Python 6-5
Cerebus, Encleadus, Minotaur, Polephemus, Scylla, Sea Serpant, Serpant, Talus 4-5
Griffin, Sphinx 4-5*
Harpy 2-5*
Geryon, Lamia, Laestrygones, Nemean Lion 2-5
Calydonian Boar, Crommyonian Sow, Orthus 0-5
Caucasian Eagle, Stymaphalian Birds 0-5*

Small Counters:

30 Fate counters. 8 Ship counters. 4 of each disaster (earthquake, famine, pestilence, plague, tempest, volcano). 1 each of Andromeda, Bronze Armor, Cerynites, Cerumean Stag, Cornucopia, Gold Armor, Golden Apples, Golden Bough, Golden Bridle, Golden Fleece, Helen, Helmet of Invisibility, Marathon Bull, Moly, Nepenth, Pegasus, Potion, and Winged Sandals. 4 mounts (Arion, Balius, Caerus, and Xanthus). 3 Divine Swords (+6, +4, and +2 dice respectively). 3 Shields (6, 4, and 2 shield points respectively). The following small counter creatures:
Name Factor Number available
Amazons 4-5 2
Bandits 2-5 2
Barbarians 6-5 2
Centaur 0-7-5 2
Circe 0-8-5 1
King 4-5 2
Muses 2-2-5 1
Pirates 2-5 2
Satyr 0-6-5 1
Solymi 6-5 1





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