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New Creatures

This group of new creatures simply adds to the basic Titan game. You can still recruit normally, and it is probably still the best bet, unless you wouldn't be able to recruit otherwise. The first level of creatures can be recruited on demand, just as tower creatures can be recruited in the tower regardless of what else you have in the legion. The terrains listed are the only places these creatures can be recruited even though they can join to recruit other creatures in other terrains. These creatures are native to the terrains in which they can be recruited.

Terrain Creature Factors Special Effects Number Available
brush marten 2-4 a piece killing a marten can not carry over hits to another piece 22
desert hawk 2-5*   18
hills wolf 3-3   35
jungle panther 5-3   22
marsh snake 4-2 each hit causes double damage 22
mountains lynx 3-3   20
plains eagle 2-5*   22
swamp lizard 5-2   18
tower regular tower creature    
tundra lynx 3-3    
woods wolf 3-3    

The second level of creatures are recruited with two different kinds of creatures in a terrain where neither is native. The creature being recruited is native to this terrain and can recruit others of its own kind. There are 10 of each creature available.

terrain recruiters creature factor special ability
brush hawk & panther basilisk 4-3~ A hit paralyzes its target for 2 melee rounds.^
desert eagle & panther phoenix 3-5* Each hit causes triple damage, but phoenix does not wrap excess damage to another piece.
hills lynx & snake mammoth 10-2  
jungle marten & wolf gorilla 8-2 Can enter trees. When in a tree adds one skill factor on defense from pieces that can't enter trees. Rangestrikes strike without penalty.
marsh lizard & wolf demon 5-5~ Magical rangestrike.^
mountain lizard & marten roc 8-2* Can land on opposing pieces, fighting as an 8-3 in the same hex.
plains lizard & lynx knight 4-4 Defends as an 8-4. An opponent must strike the knight before any other adjacent piece.
swamp hawk & snake medusa 3-4~ A hit paralyzes its target for 2 melee rounds.^
tower Any two different first level creatures can recruit any one second level creature.
tundra lynx & wolf sasquatch 7-3 Cannot be pinned in battle.
woods eagle & hawk dryad 5-5~ Magical rangestrike.^ Can enter trees.^ If it loses this ability while in a tree it is locked and can't move or fight. Except other dryads and magical rangestrikes opponents lose 2 dice striking into a tree.

The creatures in the preceding table can combine with each other in a variety of different terrains to recruit the third level, which are demilords. These demilords can recruit others like themselves only in the tower. There are 5 of each demilord available.

terrains recruiters demilord factor special ability
mountains or swamp dryad, knight, and sasquatch assassin 8-5 Does triple damage when striking heroes, lords, or demilords.
plains or tundra basilisk, mammoth, and roc healer 8-5 Instead of striking, the healer can heal 8 points of damage on any adjacent piece. The healer's touch also dispels fear and paralyzation, although the healer is not itself immune to these.
marsh or mountains basilish, gorilla, and medusa illusionist 6-5~ On its movement phase the illusionist can create an illusion identical to any creature in its legion.^ It can create only one illusion at a time and the illusion disappears if the illusionist moves or is forced to fight. Illusions cause damage normally and are immune to damage from any piece below skill level 4. The illusion disappears at the end of the 1st melee round in which it is hit.
desert or jungle demon, mammoth, and medusa necromancer 7-4~ Magical rangestrike.^ A legion containing a necromancer can recruit from the dead pile. At the end of a battle the necromancer can raise from the dead any friendly piece in its legion killed in that battle.
jungle or tundra dryad, knight, and phoenix phantom 7-5* On its movement phase the phantom can move and strike after other combat has been resolved. It is still pinned when adjacent to an opposing piece. As part of an attacking legion the phantom may stay off the board during the friendly movement phase, reserving its movement and combat until other combat has been resolved. If it does not enter the board before the defensive players 2nd movement phase it is lost.
brush or hills demon, gorilla, and phoenix sorcerer 8-4~ Magical rangestrike.^ A hit by a sorcerer destroys the magical ability of the piece it hits, along with anything it was carrying, for the duration of the battle.^ A hit by a sorcerer that kills a piece destroys the magic in its items permanently, divine items are excepted.^

In addition to those new creatures and demilords, there is also a new class of lords, a lord for each type of creature except colossus, hydra, and serpent. There is one of each of these creature lords, and they follow all the normal rules for lords in Titan. To recruit such a lord, you must have 5 [4 in a game with four or more players] of that creature type in the prescribed terrain.

Lord Terrain Factor Special Ability
Basilisk brush 12-4~ Any piece bit by the Basilisk Lord is paralyzed for the rest of the battle.^
Behemoth jungle 24-4 Native to the bramble, when in the bramble, this lord is immune to rangestrikes and strikes from other lords.
Centaur plains 9-5~ Rangestrikes with 9 dice.
Cyclops jungle 27-3 Immune to magic (all effects marked with a ^.)
Demon marsh 15-6~ Magical rangestrike.^ Whenever it hits, it causes the opposing piece to run away in fear.^ When a piece is fearstruck special movement rules apply: The owning player first MAY move pieces with a higher natural skill factor and mounted pieces. Then if the fearstruck piece is not pinned, the Demon Lord player may move it, following normal movement rules with two exceptions: it cannot voluntarily engage another piece and it must exit the battleboard [its own edge] if possible. After the fearstruck piece moves, the owning player moves the rest of his pieces. Any pieces that flee reunite with their legion if it survives but are lost (with no points to the victor) and return to the recruiting pool if their legion is destroyed. See special rule for Titan withdrawal.
Dragon mountain 27-4*~ Defends as a 27-5 and its hits cause double damage.
Dryad woods 15-6~ Magical rangestrike.^ Immune to all attacks except from lords, demilords, and heroes.
Eagle plains 6-6* In battle the Eagle Lord can carry another creature, moving with it and ending in the same space.
Gargoyle brush 12-4* Takes 24 hits to kill.
Giant tundra 21-5~ When attacking the Giant Lord: flying pieces attack at full strength, otherwise, skill factor 2 pieces divide their attack dice by 6, skill factor 3 pieces divide by 5, skill factor 4 by 4, skill factor 5 by 3, and skill factor 6 pieces divide their attack dice by 2. Round fractions up.
Gorgon brush 18-4*~ Native to bramble. When in or moving to the bramble, the Gorgon Lord can recruit a gorgon each friendly movement phase.^
Gorilla jungle 24-3 When the Gorilla Lord gives a piece at least two hits, it may automatically kill that piece as its attack in the next round. The Gorilla Lord can decline this attack and strike normally.
Griffin desert 15-5 Before or during a battle the Griffin Lord can retreat its entire legion to another space.^ To do so, the legion makes a movement die roll and makes a normal movement. If it enters another battle it may not retreat again. It cannot move to where another battle is to be fought or land on a friendly legion, the legion must stay and fight in either of these cases. If the legion retreats before battle, the attacking legion completes its movement.
Hawk desert 6-6* A single hit from the Hawk Lord kills any flying piece.
Knight plains 12-5 The Knight Lord (or Paladin) converts opposing gods to his side at the beginning of a battle.
Lion plains 15-4 Native to all terrains (but still cannot enter water or trees). Does double damage when striking down a dune.
Lizard swamp 15-3 Native to the bog and acts like a 30-4 while in a bog.
Lynx tundra or mountain 9-4 Native to slopes and tundra. Uses 18 dice striking down a slope or when in the tundra.
Mammoth hills 30-3 Can chose to stomp (automatic kill) one adjacent piece instead of rolling an attack.
Marten brush 6-5 Defends as a 6-7
Medusa swamp 9-5~ When the Medusa Lords hits it paralyzes the opponent for the rest of the battle.^
Minotaur hills 12-5~ Rangestrikes with all its dice and causes double damage when rangestriking.
Ogre marsh 18-3 Ignores adverse terrain effects.^
Panther jungle 15-4 Native to the bramble. When in the bramble the Panther Lord is immune to the attacks of non-natives, except for magic.
Phoenix desert 9-6* Causes fivefold damage, but cannot carry over excess hits.
Ranger marsh or plains 12-5*~ On a roll of a 5 the Ranger Lord can teleport its legion to any space withing 6.
Roc mountain 24-3 On its movement phase the Roc Lord can move over an opposing pieces, picking it up and moving it, either landing in the same space or depositing it along the way.
Sasquatch tundra 21-4 Before rolling for movement the Sasquatch Lord can choose to move its legion by teleportation. If it is in the tundra it can choose any space on the board, otherwise the teleportation is random (use the small counter table from Mytho-Titan).
Snake marsh 12-3 Causes triple damage.
Troll marsh 24-3 Regenerates 4 hits per melee round. Cannot regenerates hits caused by fire (Phoenix, Dragons, and their Lords).
Unicorn hills or woods 18-5 On its own movement phase, the Unicorn Lord can follow up a kill by moving and attacking a second time, but it is also subject to a second strikeback from its target and any other piece that would normally by able to strikeback, even if it has already has a strikeback that round.
Warbear woods 18-4 Can allow its legion, when in the tundra or woods, to hibernate, meaning it doesn't have to fight unless it is still there next turn. The attacking legion stays in the same space.
Wolf hills or woods 9-4 The Wolf Lord makes all wolves in the legion, including itself, immune to stacking limits on either board. On the battle board it allows other wolves to stack with each other even if not in the same space as the Wolf Lord.
Wyvern swamp 12-4* Can land on its opponent, fighting and defending as a 21-5 against that piece.





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