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 Titan HD for iPad
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You can download and run the latest version of the self-installing EXE file from It will place the program and all associated files in their own folder within whatever folder you choose, and place a shortcut on your desktop. This shortcut can be moved or copied, of course, if you wish. The installation does not modify the windows registry or install any files anywhere else.

You can download the zip-file  here [475 KB - Version]


All instructions for using the masterboard manager are available in the Windows Help file "Titanmbm.hlp" which will be installed in the same folder as the manager itself. To access the help file from within the program, press F1 or right-click on the program's main window, and choose help from the menu that appears.


The application is constantly under revision, and updates will appear in the download directory
whenever they are available. If you want to be notified of updates, send a  email to wimeran and he will add you to the list of those who wish to receive notice.




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