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some software of and for TITAN are available

Colosus (java game)

Colossus is a Java clone of Avalon Hill's Titan(tm) boardgame.
It allows hotseat play, play versus working but not very strong AI players, and network play. Beside the default Titan board and creatures it includes a number of Variants e. g. Extended Titan, TitanPlus, Badlands and more!

Recently (december 2009) we did put a Public Game Server online where you can find opponents to play against (best chances to find somebody online is when it is afternoon/evening in the USA).

Find more information on their webpage!

Titan HD for iPAD

Titan is also available as a App for the iPad an it looks awesome, if you also like the new design!

ACTS - Automated Card Tracking System

Charles wrote me:
...He plays titan on warhorse's ACTS server, where I play all of my online games. You ought to go check it out, it is a great system where you can play online without a moderator, so no waiting except for the other players. There is a built-in dice
roller and it keeps track of everybody's hidden creatures...

Masterboard Manager

The masterboard manager is designed to help players of Avalon Hill's board game TITAN, in situations where tracking the game on a physical board is not convenient.
Specifically, it was designed to aid people who play via email or the web.

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